Growing Giant Pumpkins – How To Grow Massive Pumpkins At Home: Secrets For Championship Winning Giant Pumpkins

growing giant pumpkins cover“Growing Giant Pumpkins – How To Grow Massive Pumpkins At Home” if for anyone who wants to know how they can grow pumpkins that way hundreds of pounds at home, even if they’ve never grown one before!

A lot of people have tried growing pumpkins and you end up with a crop not much bigger than those you buy in the stores, but what if you could grow a pumpkin that would dwarf those found in the stores and be the talk of your neighborhood?

This book is aimed at the home gardener who wants to take a short cut to successfully growing giant pumpkins. With this step-by-step guide in your hand you can bypass all the mistakes people make when growing pumpkins and produce one weighing hundreds of pounds in your first year of growing!

As you read this book you will get tips, pointers and strategies telling you exactly what you need to do in order to get your pumpkins to grow to an amazing size! Even if you don’t follow everything precisely you should still end up with a pumpkin of immense proportions!

In “Growing Giant Pumpkins – How To Grow Massive Pumpkins At Home” you will discover:

– Choosing a Seed Variety – absolutely vital to your success so learn what to look for in a variety and where to get hold of the best possible seeds

– Pumpkin Varieties – discover the many different varieties of pumpkin from small baby sized pumpkins through to the giants

– Successfully Germinating Your Seeds – learn exactly how to make your pumpkin seeds germinate successfully and avoid the problems many people have when germinating seeds

– Planting Out Your Pumpkin Plants – find out what must be done when planting out your pumpkins to create a monster including some vital steps many home gardeners miss out which reduces the potential size of their crop!

– Choosing Which Fruits to Keep – a technique used by giant pumpkin growers and you will learn which fruits are going to be giants

– Pruning the Vine – discover how to prune your vine to stop it taking over your garden plus how doing this right will help you produce a monster pumpkin

giant pumpkin– Feeding and Watering Your Pumpkins – learn the right strategies for feeding and watering your monster so it grows to huge proportions

– Harvesting and Storing Your Pumpkins – find out the best way to harvest your pumpkins and store them to avoid damage or rot

– Weighing and Measuring Your Pumpkins – understand the importance and methods for measuring your pumpkins and estimating their weight

– Entering Your Pumpkins into Competitions – discover more about pumpkin competitions including the requirements of many growing competitions

– Protecting Your Pumpkins from Pests – stop pests from attacking your pumpkins and ruining your crop with the practical advice in this chapter, including exactly how to deal with the worst pest of all … slugs and snails

– Diseases That Affect Pumpkins – learn about some of the diseases that can affect your pumpkins as well as how to avoid the number one pumpkin killer, which affects many amateur growers

– Giant Pumpkin Growing Cheat Sheet – a simple check list recapping everything you need to know in order to grow giant pumpkins

– Keeping Your Seeds for Next Year – find out the best ways to preserve your seeds for next year so you can grow an even bigger pumpkin!

– Tasty Pumpkin Recipes – I’ll share with you a few of my favorite pumpkin based recipes including the best slimming soup and the tastiest pumpkin pie!

Growing giant pumpkins is a lot of fun and with the short cuts to success found in this book you are going to be able to grow a pumpkin weighing at least a couple of hundred pounds, if not more, in your first year.

Enjoy your pumpkin growing adventure, it won’t be long before the whole block will want to know your secrets and an unofficial competition will develop! “Growing Giant Pumpkins – How To Grow Massive Pumpkins At Home” will explain all about this exciting hobby and how to grow a monster pumpkin at home this year!

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