Mr Fothergill’s Seed Trial – Exciting New Plant Varieties

I have been very fortunate in being selected by the respected UK seed company, Mr Fothergill’s, to trial some new seeds from their extensive catalogue. Most of you are likely to be familiar with Mr Fothergill’s and if you are not, then I recommend you check them out at’ for more information.

They have sent me a total of six seed packets, four flowers and two vegetables. Before this year, I had never really grown flowers, being more of a “if I can’t eat it, I won’t grow it” type of person. However, after looking into companion planting and recognising the plight of the bees, I decided this year I would grow a lot of flowers including cosmos, calendula, begonia, lavender, forget-me-not and more. We also moved into a new house which had a small front garden which I planted with a display of flowers that has certainly gained a lot of attention from passers by over the summer.

I was very excited when the seeds came through the door and want to share with you the varieties I have received.

  • Cosmos – Double Dutch White
  • double dutch cosmos

  • Calendula – Orange Flash
  • Orange Flash Calendula

  • Verbena – Scentsation
  • Scentsation Verbena

  • Sweet Pea – Lady Salisbury
  • Lady Salisbury Sweet Pea

  • Carrot – Speedo F1
  • speedo f1 carrot

  • Pepper – Hot Curry Pepper
  • hot curry pepper

As you can see from the seed packets, the plants look fantastic. Cosmos was a prolific flowerer here over the summer and has only just stopped producing beautiful white flowers at the start of October. The calendula I planted has produced flowers for most of the summer, and is still flowering now, though I think the variety I planted pales into insignificance besides Orange Flash.

Most of these varieties need starting off in January, though the sweet pea can be planted now and kept in a greenhouse. However, as my greenhouse is in need of repair over winter after high winds, I will wait until January to plant them to ensure they don’t get damaged by any cold weather.

Next year, I will be regularly blogging here, on social media and on my YouTube channel as I plant and grow these new varieties. If anyone has any tips or advice on any of these types of plants, I’d love to hear them!

I’ll be posting an update in January as the seeds are started off and can’t wait to show you the end result next summer, judging from the pictures on the packets, they will be spectacular!


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