Allotment Diary – Mice, Moles, Peas, Pumpkins And Red Potatoes

Today down at the allotment I’ve found evidence of moles on the plot – I think they have come in from the field and hopefully won’t stay or cause too much damage.

The pumpkins have done amazingly well and are growing at a fantastic rate – I think the half a bag of horse manure under each one has helped significantly. There are some pumpkins appearing and I’ll show you the difference between male and female flowers – going to pinch the ends of the plants soon so they concentrate on the fruit.

I have a great crop of peas though it appears mice have been eating them which is a bit frustrating, but the crop is good and they are delicious.

Everything else is growing well, plus I get rained on and show you the purple majesty potatoes which are delicious 🙂


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