Allotment Diary June 18th 2014 – A Visit From The Allotment Fairy

The seeds are slowly taking over the garden and need to be planted, but luckily due to a visit from the allotment fairy, I have a bed ready to plant my beetroot and salad vegetables! Thank you for your help, it is invaluable!

Cauliflowers have been planted in the fruit beds! Yes, I know, in the fruit beds, but the space is empty and under utilised this year until the fruit plants grow to their full size so I am making use of the space for my cauliflowers and I will put some leeks in there as well to fully use the space!

The battle against the weeds is slowly but surely being won, though there are so many stones it is driving me crazy! The bed the allotment fairy dug was so full of stones that when I dug in the manure I filled an entire bucket plus the allotment fairy removed another half a bucket! I’m sure the previous owner was growing stones!

However, there is plenty of bare soil, the potatoes are coming up and blight has hit some of the other allotment owners. I have bought blight resistant potatoes but whether or not they resist remains to be seen. Fingers crossed that they do. If you do get blight then remove the affected foliage and destroy it – do not compost it as you will just spread the blight spores over your allotment when you use the compost. You can spray your potatoes to protect them from blight but you have to catch it early enough to do so.

The seeds are growing wonderfully plus my aubergine is starting to flower! Hopefully I will get some good fruit of it this year!

Enjoy the video, leave a comment and let me know how you are getting on with your allotment!


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