Worm Farming – Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture

Worm Farming Cover“Worm Farming – Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture” is for anyone who wants to know more about worm farming and creating high quality compost at home from their kitchen waste.

Worm farming is seeing a massive increase in popularity as people seek natural and organic methods of farming and producing fruit, vegetables and flowers at home. This book is your complete guide to worm farming, taking you step-by-step through the entire process from selecting worms to building your worm farm to breeding your worms and much, much more.

As you read this book you will get an in-depth insight into worm farming so you are able to build your own at home cheaply and easily and look after it so you get a regular supply of super nutritious worm compost for your plants!

In “Worm Farming – Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture” you will discover:

  • Vermiculture: What It Is and Why It Matters – find out why vermiculture is such a great way of producing high quality compost and why so many people are doing it at home
  • What You Need To Setup a Worm Farm – learn exactly what you need to build your own worm farm at home, it’s cheaper and easier than you thought!
  • The Different Types of Worm – understand the different types of worms used in worm composting both in Europe and the USA so you can choose the right worm for your specific requirements
  • A Simple Worm Farm Plan – a guide to building your own worm farm that is cheap to make and easy to maintain
  • Feeding Your Worms for Excellent Compost – discover exactly what you should, and should not, be feeding your worms if you want high quality compost
  • Where to Locate Your Worm Bin – find out exactly where to position your worm bin so the worms are safe, happy and productive
  • The Best Bedding for Your Worms – learn what bedding you need to provide your worms so they can move around and break down the waste material efficiently
  • The Right Environment for Your Worms to Thrive – create the best environment for your worms so that they can thrive
  • Keeping Your Worm Population Under Control – worms can quickly multiply so you will learn how to keep your worm population from getting out of control
  • Harvesting Your Compost – learn how to harvest your compost without losing worms or valuable compost!
  • Making Worm Compost Tea – a beneficial by-product of worm farming which you will learn how to produce and use safely
  • Propagating Your Worms – find out more about helping your worms to multiply, how they mate and more so you can produce as many worms as you want
  • Pests, Enemies and Potential Problems – discover some of the potential pests and problems that will face your worms and how to overcome them
  • Creating a Worm Farming Business – a complete guide to creating your own profitable business farming and selling worms and their compost
  • Worm Farming Tips and Advice – some practical tips and advice helping you to run your worm farm properly and with as few problems as possible
  • Disaster Management – in case the worst happens, this chapter will guide you through recovering from a number of potential disasters
  • Worm Farming Jargon Explained – understand all of the jargon associated with worm farming including common Latin terms and other words used by worm farmers around the world

Worm farming is a really fun hobby and a great way to produce a high quality compost you can use on your plants. The resulting compost is highly beneficial to your plants and is often the secret sauce for prize winning gardeners.

Enjoy your adventure into worm farming as “Worm Farming – Creating Compost At Home With Vermiculture” explains all about this exciting method of composting. Discover today how you can produce your own high quality compost from kitchen waste!

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Container Gardening – Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers in Containers: A Guide To Growing Food In Small Places

container gardening cover“Container Gardening – Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers in Containers” is for anyone who wants to find out more about growing vegetables, herbs or flowers in pots. This is an incredible way for you to grow plants in limited space or even without a garden!

Starting your first container garden can feel a little overwhelming as there are so many different types of container and different types of plant you can grow. This book though guides you through the minefield and explains everything you need to know to create your own beautiful and productive vegetable garden.

This step-by-step guide walks you through choosing containers, giving you the pros and cons of the different materials as well as guiding you through the process of choosing plants and planting them.

As you read this book you will get tips and advice designed to help you create your very own container garden, no matter what you are growing.

In this book you will learning everything you need to know, including:

  • Planning Your Container Garden – learn why planning not only saves you time but money too and why it is essential to a successful, gorgeous container garden
  • Choosing The Best Containers – with so many different containers on the market it an be a minefield but I’ll explain what all the different containers are as well as their pros and cons
  • The Best Soil Mix for Container Plants – find out what soil mix your plants will need and why container grown plants need a very specific type of soil
  • What You Can and Can’t Grow In Containers – discover what plants will thrive in containers and which are not suited for growing in pots … you might be surprised at just how much you can grow
  • Growing Flowers and Bulbs – a guide to creating your own flower garden no matter where you live in containers
  • Growing Potatoes in Containers – a simple to grow vegetable that is productive and well suited to containers
  • Growing Cucumbers, Squash, Peppers and Tomatoes in Containers – learn more about growing these favorite plants in containers
  • Growing Salad Greens in Containers – a quick crop to grow and very rewarding as you will learn in this chapter
  • Growing Citrus Plants in Containers – a guide to this popular type of tree and how to grow them in containers even if you live in cooler climates
  • Growing Fruit in Containers – how to grow fruit trees in containers and still get fantastic results
  • Growing Herbs in Containers – fantastic for any cook to grow and very simple as you will discover
  • Supporting and Protecting Your Plants – find out how to protect your plants from the elements and support them so they grow stronger
  • Feeding Your Container Garden – a vital part of container gardening and you will learn exactly how to feed your plants so they thrive and produce a good crop
  • Watering Your Container Garden – learn why watering is essential with container gardens and how to take the hard work out of it!
  • Disease and Pest Control in Containers – another important subject you will learn so your plants stay healthy for you
  • Winter Tasks in a Container Garden – discover what you can do over the winter months in your container garden
  • Vertical Gardening with Containers – make your container garden even more productive and transform your growing space with this incredible gardening technique
  • Common Container Gardening Problems – overcome the common problems people encounter when setting up their first container garden

Container gardening is a great way for you to brighten up a small space or grow your own food, no matter what space is available to you. Whether you are an urban gardener, live in an apartment or out in the country you can grow your own fresh produce in containers.

Enjoy growing delicious fresh vegetables at home as this book explains all about this exciting way of growing. Discover today how you can transform your living space with a container garden.

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