Hydroponics – A Beginners Guide To Growing Food Without Soil: Grow Delicious Fruits And Vegetables Hydroponically In Your Home

Hydroponic Growing cover“Hydroponics : A Beginners Guide To Growing Food Without Soil” is for anyone who wants to get started with this fascinating way of growing fresh produce at home.

The whole field of hydroponics has captured the imagination of people and scientists across the world and is considered a high tech way of growing. Because of the “technology” associated with hydroponics it can be confusing to the beginner so I wrote this simple to understand book to clear up some of the mystique surround this type of gardening.

When you read this book you will get tips and advice that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with your own hydroponic garden and reap the many benefits it has to offer.

In “Hydroponics : A Beginners Guide To Growing Food Without Soil” What Plants To Grow – you will discover:

– What Plants To Grow – advice on tips on the best plants to grow hydroponically, which ones to start with and which ones to avoid.

– The 6 Types Of Hydroponic System – what these six types are, how they all work and which ones are the best to start with.

– Choosing Your Hydroponic System – advice and guidance on choosing the best hydroponic system for your needs.

– Lighting – What It Is And Why You Need It – learn how you can grow fresh produce all year around and speed up the growth of your plants.

– What Nutrient Solution To Use – this is your plant food and I’ll show you how to get it right so your plants grow quickly and stay healthy!

– Ebb And Flow Hydroponic System Plans – guidance for building your own ebb and flow system at home.

– Constructing A Top Feed Drip Hydroponic System – a great system to build at home and surprisingly easy to build!

– Dealing With Pests And Diseases – tips and advice on how to avoid these problems and deal with them to prevent them destroying the rest of your crop.

– Managing And Monitoring pH Levels – a simple guide to managing the pH levels of your system to ensure your plants have the optimal growing conditions.

– Setting The Nutrient Strength – this is vital if you want your plants to thrive and I’ll show you exactly what to do so you avoid causing any damage to your plants.

– Troubleshooting Guide – learn what to do if you encounter problems and, most importantly, how to avoid the problems in the first place.

– Tips And Hints For Hydroponic Gardening – solid advice helping you to make the most of your hydroponic garden and avoid the common problems beginners encounter.

– Hydroponic Systems And Vertical Gardening – increase your yield by growing vertically!

– Introduction To Aquaponic Gardening – a primer on how to combine hydroponics with fish farming to produce a completely organic, self sustaining system.

Hydroponics allows you to grow delicious crops much quicker than in soil and all year around. There is less hard work involved and the produce tastes so much better than anything grown in the ground. Because the plants have the ideal growing conditions they mature much faster and you can be harvesting fresh tomatoes in around eight weeks from planting!

Enjoy your adventure in to hydroponics as “Hydroponics : A Beginners Guide To Growing Food Without Soil” explains all about this exciting way of growing fresh food at home. Discover today how you can enjoy hydroponics and reap the many benefits from it!

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