Vertical Gardening – Maximum Producitivity, Minumim Space: Food From Small Spaces and Urban Gardenings

vertical gardening cover“Vertical Gardening – Maximum Productivity, Minimum Space” is for anyone wanting to know more about vertical gardening so they can grow their own fruits and vegetables in a small area.

When faced with a small area or bare wall you can find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with deciding what to plant, where to plant it and even what to plant it in. This book clears up this confusion, providing you with a simple to follow, step-by-step guide teaching you everything you need to know about vertical gardening from planning to making containers to looking after your plants.

As you read this book you will get practical tips and advice helping you really make the most of vertical gardening and create your own beautiful yet productive garden at home.

In “Vertical Gardening – Maximum Productivity, Minimum Space” you will discover:

  • The Benefits Of Vertical Gardening – find out why vertical gardening is gaining so much popularity and how it can really benefit you
  • What To Grow Vertically – tips on what you can and cannot grow in a vertical garden to help you get started
  • Tips For Planning A Vertical Garden – learn how to plan a vertical garden so you can maximize your usage of space
  • Supporting Your Plants – discover some of the best ways to support your plants whilst they are growing vertically
  • Vertical Garden Containers & Planters – help for you to decide what containers and planters to use in your vertical garden
  • The Best Container Soil Mix – learn what the best soil mix is for your containers to ensure your plants thrive
  • Diseases And Pests In Vertical Gardens – discover how to spot and fight diseases and pests in your vertical garden
  • Caring For Your Vertical Garden – find out how to look after your vertical garden so that your plants thrive and produce a great crop for you
  • Recommended Fruits And Vegetables – learn what fruits and vegetables do best in a vertical garden
  • Creating A Living Wall Indoors – understand how you can create a living wall indoors which can be an incredible design feature for your home
  • Tips And Tricks For The Vertical Gardener – practical tips and advice to help you make the most of your vertical garden

Vertically gardening is one of the most exciting gardening techniques today and it allows you to grow large amounts of produce in a small area. You will be fascinated to learn how you can grow 72 strawberry plants in just three square feet of ground space! There are plenty of benefits from growing vertically, and eating your own fresh, nutritious, home-grown produce has a whole host of other benefits.

Enjoy your adventure in to vertical gardening as “Vertical Gardening – Maximum Productivity, Minimum Space” explains all about this exciting gardening technique. Discover how you can create your own vertical garden today!

Peek inside the book using the image below: