Mr Fothergill’s Seed Trial – Cosmos – Double Dutch White – Update

As you know, I’ve been trialing the Double Dutch White Cosmos seeds for Mr. Fothergill’s. They were sown a while ago now and have had a fantastic germination rate, I reckon about 95%, which is really good for any packet of seeds. They have grown strong and true, with only a couple with bendy stems. Only one plant was weak, compared to the others, but I’ve planted it anyway.

Cosmos Double Dutch White

As you can see, the local neighbourhood cat came to investigate as I was planting the seeds out. They have all been planted into my flower bed and I will be diligently watering them two or three times a day for the next week as it has been very hot and dry here. Once they are established, I can relax the watering and they should see a burst of growth over the next couple of weeks as they build a strong root system and expand into the ground.

I’m really looking forward to these flowering. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the seeds and how easy they are to grow.