Allotment Diary – The Rain Has Stopped!

How long this break in the weather will last we don’t know but at least I’ve been to get down to the plot to see what is going on.

I started tidying up the strawberry plants too – a lot of the leaves had died down and these rot which will give pests and diseases a nice home plus it can damage the healthy strawberry plants. I’ve pulled off all the brown, soggy leaves and thrown them all on the compost heap. I was a bit surprised about how much there was but it is looking a lot tidier now. Yes, I did uproot some plants and runners but these have been tucked back in the soil and should be just fine.

The rest of the allotment is doing well and I’m hoping to get some serious digging done in the next month plus find scaffolding boards to make more raised beds. Not sure how much I will get to the allotment over the winter now as the weather is terrible, but if the rain stops I will get down there and record more videos.


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