Allotment Diary – Greenhouse Tour – Aubergines, Peppers, Tomatoes and More – 07-09-14

Today we have a tour of the greenhouse and in between eating the fresh tomatoes you will see how everything has grown in it. It is only a plastic, walk in greenhouse yet it has made a huge difference in everything ripening up with the tomatoes, peppers and aubergines doing fantastically well and I got my first ever crop of red peppers! I’ve never managed to get them to go red before so very pleased.

You’ll get some tips and advice on using a greenhouse and growing tomatoes, cucamelons, peppers and aubergines plus more information on the rest of the plants hiding in the greenhouse!

Remember that cucamelons can be overwintered though they are not frost tolerant. They should be removed to a frost free greenhouse / garage and stored and then come back to life in the spring.

If you are growing in a greenhouse then you can extend the growing season by moving any plants that are in pots inside. Outside it is still warm though it is getting cold at night and some plants are not appreciating it. I don’t know about there you are, but here we haven’t had any rain for a few weeks and I have had to go out and water the plants in the ground. The plants in pots / grow bags have needed to be watered daily as they are drying out very quickly.

I’m enjoying the harvest and the home-grown tomatoes are struggling to make it in to the house. The peppers are pretty much spent as are the aubergines. The big battle has been against slugs which have been very hungry. I can’t believe how many I have killed and got rid of this year. How have they been for you?


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